Hear what some of our customers says

Fresh Pine represents the calm and confident outdoors men but is also a leading gentleman.  Men all over world use our soaps because they know premium quality when they see one, but don't just take our word for it, see what others are saying.

Ori is a very active man. He loves playing soccer, sports, gym and has a busy work schedule. In this video he shares why Fresh Pine men' soap is his go-to every morning and evening.

Denver is a fit and active man. Just like his peer he uses premium products that protect his skin. He knows that as a modern man quality products helps him achieve his best no matter what the challenges the day may bring.

David Benjamin is a health & wellness guru and founder of "Healthy, Wild & Free". Towards the end he gives Fresh Pine a shout-out as he believes healthy organic products are vital for one's well-being. 

Bodybuilder Chris gives his take on why Fresh Pine is his go-to soap

George Schirra is a men's grooming influencer on Youtube. Check out his thoughts on Fresh Pine men's soap and why he views Fresh Pine as a product every man should have in their shower.

Absolutely honoured to have "The Perkman" using our soaps. Watch this video, as he reviews his soap experience with Fresh Pine. In the video, Shannon shows us how well the soap lathers as well as his newfound shower experience.

Ally is a regular college student. She came across Fresh Pine men's soap and bought some for her boyfriend. She and her boyfriend absolutely love it and have become regulars in our Fresh Pine tribe.

Modern Day Wife, founder Meagan loves using men's soap and shares her love for these soaps with her family and friends.

Adam is your regular man next door. He loves using Fresh PIne soap, the masculine scent, rich lather foam and the firm solid bar, and so does the ladies too. 

Corries, President of GC Canada has 3 words for these soaps- "Damn good soap", enough said.


-A true gents soap, the bentley of soaps